my 1st adventure alone

HaHaHa! as I set out to go to the woods to take some pictures and clean out the car. Well, over a week ago the woods was really under water. I seen the area and decided to adventure out and take some pictures. As I look at the area, the trees are marked above my head with the mud crusted on the trunks & branches. (Im 4'7" tall)

The mud covered anything under 5' tall

A trail only 1 other person was brave enough to adventure...

One more step and I would have been in mud trouble.

The mud took revenge on me and wont let go of my shoe! At this point I had to decide to walk back to the car barefoot or put my shoe on. After seeing all the geese,duck, bird poop & footprints, I decided to stick my foot back in my shoe and keep getting stuck in the mud.

After all the mud caked to my shoes and getting stuck.....I plan on doing more adventures. Absolutely fun!!

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