Living doll

testing lighting equipment

Today I played with my lighting equipment. Background is a drop cloth I got from Home Depot for $6 and the lights were a gift so they were FREE (the best kind).



My father was admitted into the hospital thursday with congestive heart failure. Good news after 4 days in the hospital, all the test, and all the waiting around we did....my father and his doctors are taking steps to make his heart muscle better. But out of all the pics I shot those days, this was my favorite. I like it because it seems like the spotlight is actually on and its on the person (dad) in the bed, and with the darkness surrounding him....


Its Me

Love this pic of me. and I am in my favorite section of this store...LOL


Farm Machine

Seen this old farming machine during this past summer. I everyone I wanted this picture but I didnt know why. Well after developing the film, I immediately seen the picture I wanted. This is what I got. Hope, its good.


A Boy

Took this photo from my parent's condo porch. He was just in the window watching/listening to the grownups talk. Spotted him and told him I wanted to talk his picture and his face just lights up. He is such a ham, my nephew.