Art Walk @ Essex Studio

yesterday was my 1st day of the Art Walk. I was so nervous. As I was walking to my section, I was viewing all the other artwork. Most were paintings but there were some other photographers and I was really starting to think twice about what I was doing. Others had there stuff on canvas (large Macro) or the paper they printed on was different. I felt that mine was just really plain.... But as I watched the people walk by my stuff, they were looking at some more than others but they were smiling or giggling and making comments that they liked this or that. I was feeling better by the end of the day. Tonight my husband's side of the family will be there which is very cool because they know I like doing photos. My side didnt show which I (unfortunately) expected. My side of the family probably thinks I am a joke, so this photography stuff is just all ME!!

Believe in ME!!

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