1st Fear almost gone

Essex Studio

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Well,as you know I have completed my 1st Art Walk at Essex Studio. The 1st day was terrifying!! Thanks to hubby being by my side. When I walked in the 1st day, I was ok but started feeling like I did NOT belong. You can say I had a mini breakdown...LOL. Hubby was great, he made feel like my stuff was just as good as anyone elses there. The 2nd/last day was so much better. My husband's side of the family came to see, even my mother in law's husband's sister & boyfriend came. I dont think any of them has been to Essex Studio before, so I feel pretty good that they were introduced to this Art Walk. Because of them I was able to say "Hello" as people came by, which was my 1st step of over coming my FEAR. I am really thinking of doing this again in October.

There are so many art medias. My favorite artwork was on the 1st floor in a large studio, his name is Jesse Kramer. He did portraits and they are powerful, lots of emotion to them.

Next, Colerain Starbucks....my photos will be on display for 1 month.

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Dangermonkey said...

You should most definitely do it again. Your stuff is terrific! Next step is putting a price tag on them! ;-)