black&white and sephia

Bored today and I wanted to do something, so I photographed my daughter in black and white and sephia these are the 2 best out of them. My fav is the black&white. feels more emotional.




What would you title this pic?

Picture of Me

Having trouble trying to figure a title for this photo. I captured this shot of my nephew taking a picture of himself at a mall. What would you title this picture?


dpchallenge pic

I was out shooting my daughter and neice for the practice. Well, the entire pic had both the girls chins resting on a peice of flat stone(we covered it with blue material)looking at each other. In the background is this long stove that says "Chambers of Commerce". I knew I wanted to do something with this pic but didn't know what. I played with it for a while and that is when I remembered dpchallenge's challenge this week. "Centered Composition" and this is what I entered: let me know what you think, ALL comments welcomed!

Centered Composition Challenge


Amazed myself

Down time

This picture was taken at the end of a long day of filming "Legend of the Grassman". I saw them sitting there and snuck a quick snap. To me, it gives a father son feel to it, even if they are not related. I like how one is down and the other is sitting up and the distance between them.

Young film maker

This is one of my favorite ones from that same long day of filming. I like the feel this one gives me. The child capturing the director just after filming. The child seems to be enjoying himself. I also like the season, it just lends itself to great background setting.


Love this! again the season is great for background setting. The background just makes the person standout, POPS!


Behind the scenes

Since September I have been taking behing the scene shots of "Legend of the Grassman" by Monkeyltd

I have been taking most of the photos by digital. I was able to use my film camera for some. Here is one that I like and feel like I captured a look on the actor named Damion.