The Green Caped Girl

I wish I had a story to go with the title but sorry, I dont. But here is the picture.


365 project.....Nah!!

I have seen and read people capturing a "Photo A Day" projects. At first I thought AWESOME and even started it but sadly realized I can do that but sometimes I am NOT happy with the pics I take for that day. So, now I'm thinking on a smaller scale to start off with...."A GREAT PHOTO A MONTH" and then move on to Week, and then maybe day. At this point I don't have a job and don't get out much (other than the backyard of an apartment complex). So, next month is September by November 1st I will have "A GREAT PHOTO OF MONTH" started. (Side Note: this project will not include any family members or portraits...promise!) Look for it!


Princess Evee

Today I picked up my granddaughter from her other grandmother's house. She was dressed in this purple princess gown. She was too cute not to take pictures. I took 139 shots, these are the best ones.



Another spontaneous photo. It started to rain here and it was coming down pretty hard but not long enough. This is what I shot.


2 days before Starbucks

These are the pictures I will have at the Colerain Starbucks.



Starbucks gettin ready

Here are the 1st 2 pics for my display at Starbucks on Colerain Ave...


my 1st adventure alone

HaHaHa! as I set out to go to the woods to take some pictures and clean out the car. Well, over a week ago the woods was really under water. I seen the area and decided to adventure out and take some pictures. As I look at the area, the trees are marked above my head with the mud crusted on the trunks & branches. (Im 4'7" tall)

The mud covered anything under 5' tall

A trail only 1 other person was brave enough to adventure...

One more step and I would have been in mud trouble.

The mud took revenge on me and wont let go of my shoe! At this point I had to decide to walk back to the car barefoot or put my shoe on. After seeing all the geese,duck, bird poop & footprints, I decided to stick my foot back in my shoe and keep getting stuck in the mud.

After all the mud caked to my shoes and getting stuck.....I plan on doing more adventures. Absolutely fun!!


1st Fear almost gone

Essex Studio

This is the most viewed!

Well,as you know I have completed my 1st Art Walk at Essex Studio. The 1st day was terrifying!! Thanks to hubby being by my side. When I walked in the 1st day, I was ok but started feeling like I did NOT belong. You can say I had a mini breakdown...LOL. Hubby was great, he made feel like my stuff was just as good as anyone elses there. The 2nd/last day was so much better. My husband's side of the family came to see, even my mother in law's husband's sister & boyfriend came. I dont think any of them has been to Essex Studio before, so I feel pretty good that they were introduced to this Art Walk. Because of them I was able to say "Hello" as people came by, which was my 1st step of over coming my FEAR. I am really thinking of doing this again in October.

There are so many art medias. My favorite artwork was on the 1st floor in a large studio, his name is Jesse Kramer. He did portraits and they are powerful, lots of emotion to them.

Next, Colerain Starbucks....my photos will be on display for 1 month.


Art Walk @ Essex Studio

yesterday was my 1st day of the Art Walk. I was so nervous. As I was walking to my section, I was viewing all the other artwork. Most were paintings but there were some other photographers and I was really starting to think twice about what I was doing. Others had there stuff on canvas (large Macro) or the paper they printed on was different. I felt that mine was just really plain.... But as I watched the people walk by my stuff, they were looking at some more than others but they were smiling or giggling and making comments that they liked this or that. I was feeling better by the end of the day. Tonight my husband's side of the family will be there which is very cool because they know I like doing photos. My side didnt show which I (unfortunately) expected. My side of the family probably thinks I am a joke, so this photography stuff is just all ME!!

Believe in ME!!


Art Walk

been going through all the photos to see which I want to hang during the Art Walk. This is a really long process. I have asked the opinion from my husband and my 2nd oldest son. They had some good ones picked out but now I have to cut them down to 24-30. I want to be able to hang about 15 and leave the rest in my portfolio, which will be open to the public to flip through...

Will update some photos on here later this week.

Keep smiling!


Dress & Jacket

BIG snow flakes are falling and I had a spontaneous idea,,,,