Chains & wood

During filming of "The Legend of Grassman" today, I was able to get some interesting pics (not related to movie).


Nap time

on the set of "The Legend of Grassman" an actor takes a catnap between takes


Paint by Number

This horse belongs to Rich, whose land we used to film "The Legend of Grassman"


Golfer sport pics

Her mom wanted me to redo her sports pic. She was not happy with the position her little golfer was standing or the group photo.


St Rita's Haunted House

these are my favorite pics from the haunted house, I volunteer at the concession stand...I get to see all the scares!!



Mom and Dad

Mom and Dad
never want their picture taken. my brother personally walked mom over to where dad was sitting. They were nice enough to let me take a few quick shots. I took just 3 shots. the bottom pic is the 1st shot...mom leaned back and laided on his defibulator...this was an oops shot!


My Favorite shot

This is my absolute FAVORITE pic of this little girl, during the Spontaneous Shoot. It only took 4 shots while she was moving, like most 18 months do.


Spontaneous Shoot

Just had a last minute idea to shoot 2 little girls. I had 2 scarves(1 red & 1 black) and a green material that I use for green screening. A purple laundry basket and a pillow. Using my new digital camera, I was able to take loads of pictures (over 200) within 1.5 hours. I absolutely love the pics I got.



Out for FUN

today, I am heading downtown to the main library to check out a local contest for the library. But I am bring my daughter and niece with me. Neither of the girls has rode the bus or explore downtown. So today we are! I will post a few pics tomorrow!!



fashion photographer

Melissa Rodwell (photographer)

love her style of photos.Like the fact that her BTS (behind the scene)is NOT covered by music, that we can actually hear her!


behind "The Legend of Grassman"

Charlie's Angels has nothing to worry about!

$5 Footlong

Just a few fun shots during the filming of "The Legend of Grassman"