Youngest Son's Idea

After the White Shirt photo shoot, my son wanted to take a few shots. He did EVERYTHING himself. And his siblings cooperated which is a miracle in itself...LOL


spray painting theme

Who Cares?


Bring It On


Thinking of turn this one into a Christmas Card...LOL

Spray Painters BUSTED

Pregnant Pics




Finally, I have a few of the pregnant pics. I am not happy with the lighting but that is what I need to work on.


Goal: The Little Black Dress

This is just part of what is helping me to fit into my Little Black Dress

Little Black Dress

White shirt, white socks, and blue jeans shoot

OK this is just one of the shoots I did with the kids. I bought white shirts and socks, and told them all to wear blue jeans. We started off calm and controlled but the kids just took over. We had a lot of laughs on this theme.

White shirt, white socks, and blue jeans shoot


Coming sunday

I just got word that I will be taking some picture of my son and his pregnant girlfriend. I am so looking forward to this, I have been asking for at least a month but now she is really showing.

Til Sunday


Favorite Portrait of Kids


Protrait of my sister's kids when they came to visit me in the city. This was taken at the Tree House and my favorite tree at Mt Airy on Colerain Ave.

5:15PM Friday on 5th St

Took this while I was waiting for the bus, I was lucky to get it, the bus came right after I took a couple of shoots.


Expired Flim

Husband came across a great deal! Local grocery store was selling 4 rolls of film in a package for $2.48. I was a bit worried because they were expired by 2-3 months. I checked on the internet to see what kinds of problems I would have with expired film. Well, according to what I found and asked some flickr.com people, they assured me that there was no problem really. They have said they used older film such as a year plus expired. The only thing is that the colour is a little off. Well, I didn't find that to be bad at all. I always have my film developed on a CD before printing any pictures I want. That just means photoshop or whatever you use can correct the colouring if it happens.

So the husband did find a GREAT deal.


Mt Airy Tree House

This picture is on the DVD for Capture Cincinnati. I am excited I at least got a picture in, even if it is not in the book itself. Next year, I am shooting for the book.

Keep Smiling!

Link to Capture Cincinnati... http://www.capturecincinnati.com/photo/4145


Between 2 Buildings

Between 2 buildings

I have been wanting to photograph this for a while but natural sunlight was weak. I did this photo with a flash and still dark. This is raw, no computer help. If you click on the picture it will take you to my flickr website. Enjoy and explore, Leave comments, would love to hear what you have to say.

Til next week.


Cheap Studio Buy

Well, today at Walmart they had school supplies on clearance. I spotted white foam boards, I bought 2 of them. This is to used to reflect light to the area I would like lit a bit more. I still have to buy blue gel film. I have not found any at our local regular stores, I may have to get it at a real photography store or ebay.


Senior Picture

Well, I bought my first piece of equipment for a make cheap studio. It is one of those clap on lights. Son needed a senior piture for the yearbook. Well, once i got what I thought we needed. Clamp lighting and blue material, we were ready to set it up. I took about 10 headshots and the only thing that went wrong after developing them was the coloring. My son came out with an orange tint. Husband had to fix the coloring on the computer where turned out pretty good but as you can see it was interest....

After I read, I found out that halogen lights give off a yellow lighting and if you put a blue gel film in front of the light if should even this problem out. Still need to experiment with that once I buy the film. Once I get it I will post my results.

Til next time.
Keep Smiling!! You don't know who is photographing you....


Hello to You

I am starting this blog to showcase my photographer eye (as my husband would say). I have switched over to film and notice that I have become more selective of what I take a picture of but the pictures came out much better! At least that is what I think. Maybe you should be the judgement. I would appreciate any helpful tips and comments. My first thing I want to do is work on my lighting. I bought magazine that breaks it down to where I can understand and don't have to read a whole book before trying any of the examples out. But, this sunday I will be photographing my family for a family portrait. Unfortunately, the sun will be high in the sky. I will post those pictures hopefully within the week.

My motto: Keep Smiling!