Lighting Kit

OK, today is my birthday! I know, happy birthday to you. Anyway, the husband bough a 2 light lighting kit. I just have to wait for it to come by mail. I wwas shipping yesterday. I am totally in AW, I figure my 1st subject will be a bowl of fruit, then move on to family. I cant wait. Will post results as soon as I take them.


black&white and sephia

Bored today and I wanted to do something, so I photographed my daughter in black and white and sephia these are the 2 best out of them. My fav is the black&white. feels more emotional.




What would you title this pic?

Picture of Me

Having trouble trying to figure a title for this photo. I captured this shot of my nephew taking a picture of himself at a mall. What would you title this picture?


dpchallenge pic

I was out shooting my daughter and neice for the practice. Well, the entire pic had both the girls chins resting on a peice of flat stone(we covered it with blue material)looking at each other. In the background is this long stove that says "Chambers of Commerce". I knew I wanted to do something with this pic but didn't know what. I played with it for a while and that is when I remembered dpchallenge's challenge this week. "Centered Composition" and this is what I entered: let me know what you think, ALL comments welcomed!

Centered Composition Challenge


Amazed myself

Down time

This picture was taken at the end of a long day of filming "Legend of the Grassman". I saw them sitting there and snuck a quick snap. To me, it gives a father son feel to it, even if they are not related. I like how one is down and the other is sitting up and the distance between them.

Young film maker

This is one of my favorite ones from that same long day of filming. I like the feel this one gives me. The child capturing the director just after filming. The child seems to be enjoying himself. I also like the season, it just lends itself to great background setting.


Love this! again the season is great for background setting. The background just makes the person standout, POPS!


Behind the scenes

Since September I have been taking behing the scene shots of "Legend of the Grassman" by Monkeyltd

I have been taking most of the photos by digital. I was able to use my film camera for some. Here is one that I like and feel like I captured a look on the actor named Damion.




I have photographing & video taking behind the scenes of "Legend of the Grassman". I am hoping to get some pics from the producer to post here. But, if you are interested here is a link to their website.

For the blog: http://grassmanmovie.wordpress.com/
For the website: http://www.monkeyltd.com/blog/entry.asp?ENTRY_ID=111

I am really enjoying doing this! Can't wait to post some pics'

That's Me in the Mirror

That's Me!

That's Me!

Not sure which angle I like better, I am leaning more towards the first one. I like the angle I took it at but I also like the fact that its not head on. The second, I like too because you can see more of her face and her smile. Which is better?

Dressy & Casual

Tunnel Shoot

I like this. 2 people in a common place/setting,dressed completely different from each other.I think the 2 subjects mesh well together. Also, I like the idea that neither are directly looking or interacting with each other. Because of the location, I had a lot of shading from the surrounding trees.
I love this and don't know why

This happens to be one of my favorite shots. I wish I could tell you why I like this but I look at it and it makes me very happy. This was taken about 20 minutes before the sun would have gone down.



I'm back to carrying my camera around w/me 24/7. Today, I had 2 photo opts but my feelings got in the way. 1st: was a homeless man curled up sleeping in between a big potted plant & a wall of an entrance. 2nd: was a man in an alley writting (words,not pictures) on cardboard boxes. In both instances, I felt like I was invading their privacy that I should not be there unless welcomed. Unfortunately in either cases, I did not take the shot even though I really wanted to. My question to you is: Should I have taken a quick shot? My gut is telling me that I should have taken the shot of the sleeping man but ask the alley man if I could take his picture. I actually went back to see if either were still there but neither were, chalking this up to a lesson of think quick. What is your opinion?



Finally things have died down enough I can start back on my photography...new play is to take photos(duh). I would like to take 1 photo and comment on it..what I think about and such. Hoping you will also comment with your ideas. Tonight I will be my 1st day. Would like to do this once a week if not more..we will see.

Til then


June Events

WOW this is has been a very busy month for me. I have had 2 birthays, 2 high school graduations, a trip to Allentown, Penn to see 100 Monkeys in concert, 3 father's day, and my son's wedding. Now I only took pictures for graduations, concert, and wedding. I have about 20-25 rolls of film to develop. I have been working late at work so it is slowing me down to get them developed. As soon as I do, I really do want to post them and see what you all think. I hope to have some time soon to do at least a little at a time. I don't want to overload you all. Soon, I promise.


Allentown, Pennsylvania June 14th

I know it has been a very long time since my last entry. I am actually taking some time for my and my photography. I am traveling to Allentown, Pennsylvania to see a band called 100 Monkeys, lead is an actor from "Twilight". I so excited to go because this is a first time trip without the family, just me and a friend. I will be posting some pics when I return. Until the than, keep smiling!!!


Continuing my photography

Hey all, I have been just taking some time for me. I did take some photos, I have to develop them this weekend and plan of get them up here soon.

This weekend I will also have an opportunity to take some shots of where my husband and his crew will be filming a movie sometime in the next couple of months. I will also be making a full body costume, starting this weekend. 1st is measuring and planning where the padding will go. We will be documenting all of this, I can wait.

Til then.
Keep smiling, I am coming.
I am mobile!


Evie's Photo Shoot

OK, finally right??? LOL I got to do a baby photo shoot with my granddaughter, Evelyn. I was so excited! I had picked up some black fur for another project but decided to use it for this shoot before I cut it to pieces. My brother also gave me brownish fur for that other project and yes I decided to use it too.

I had to set up quick because Evie and parents were going to be gone the rest of the day, so I had about an hour to shoot. Saying the word "shoot", I was telling my son that I wanted to "shoot" Evie today and his reply was "Don't shoot her, what did she do?" Kids!! But anyway, I set up in the livingroom. I have a large square table that I covered with a blanket and got the child's bobbie (donut like pillow, use to help hold the child while feeding). Just to be considerate, I put a layer of cloth over the bobbie to keep the fur off of it. After that I put the fur over. I made sure to make a dip so she can be laid down easily, and also to crinkle up the fur so it is not so flat.

Now, I had 2 of my work lights (that I bought at home depot for cheap) and a white board for reflecting the light. It was about 11am when I started to shoot, I had to cover the windown with black material (I keep on hand for background use) to darken the room. I think this was a success! The results below.


My Favorite, Evie

My Favorite, Evie



Evie and Doll




Someone New to Photograph

Sorry I have been out of commission. In a nutshell, I got sick, got hurt, and I became a Grandmother. My son had a daughter wedsnesday at 445am. Mom and daughter are doing great. I did take some pics but the best one is on my cell which I am trying to learn how to get it off of there. As soon as I get it I will post it but this is just a quick pic. More to come later.

New Daddy holding his Daughter