I'm back to carrying my camera around w/me 24/7. Today, I had 2 photo opts but my feelings got in the way. 1st: was a homeless man curled up sleeping in between a big potted plant & a wall of an entrance. 2nd: was a man in an alley writting (words,not pictures) on cardboard boxes. In both instances, I felt like I was invading their privacy that I should not be there unless welcomed. Unfortunately in either cases, I did not take the shot even though I really wanted to. My question to you is: Should I have taken a quick shot? My gut is telling me that I should have taken the shot of the sleeping man but ask the alley man if I could take his picture. I actually went back to see if either were still there but neither were, chalking this up to a lesson of think quick. What is your opinion?

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Jessica said...

I would have asked the alley man, but the sleeping man is difficult. I know it would be an amazing photo, but I have a hard time doing photos of people who wouldn't know that you did and might be offended to know that you did. Homelessness is an especially touchy subject. I don't think I could have done them either.